Golden Freddy is the secondary protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes. He is an alternatively counterpart of Golden Freddy/Fredbear from Five Nights at Freddy's and the reincarnation form of Michael Brooks and he was the one who was friends with Charlotte Emily, John, Carlton Burke, Jessica, Marla, and Lamar.


Golden Freddy looks like the standard Freddy Fazbear. The main differences are his gold fur, his navy blue hat and bow tie. In the office, he has extremely small white pupils, but the close-up of his face doesn't show them.

Golden Freddy is a ghost of Fredbear. One theory states that the Golden Freddy suit is the original Freddy Fazbear that was replaced due to age.

The Silver Eyes

Golden Freddy is a far more benevolent character in the novel than in the game series, acting as a guide to the main characters.

He is first discovered by Carlton while he is trapped in a springlock suit. When his kidnapper, William Afton, leaves the room, Carlton notices a yellow Freddy costume sitting in the corner, with two glowing pin pricks in its empty eyes.

Golden Freddy begins speaking, though not aloud, and Carlton realizes that Golden Freddy is the spirit of his childhood friend, Michael Brooks, one of William Afton's previous victims. As Charlie enters the room to rescue Carlton, he points out Golden Freddy in the corner, and informs her that he was Michael all along.

Once Carlton is released from the suit with Charlie's help, Golden Freddy mysteriously vanishes without a sound.

As Freddy Fazbear and his cohorts come to life and attack the teenagers aggressively, they end up in the main room, where they proceed to form a circle around them, and as they are about to lunge, all four of them stop in place, Golden Freddy now standing in the corner, revealing that he had the power to stop them from hurting his friends.

At this, the other animatronics finally realize their wrongdoings and that they have been attacking the wrong people. Golden Freddy "speaks" once again to all his friends, revealing himself as Michael.

The other animatronics become much more docile and friendly around them, showing the intelligence behind the robots. The yellow bear slumps back to the corner as Carlton's father busts down a wall in the restaurant to rescue everyone.

As Charlie and her friends attempt to leave, William Afton, now wearing the Spring Bonnie suit, grabs her around the neck and threatens to kill her unless the party obeys him.

Enraged at her assailant, Charlie punches him, and finally causes every last springlock in his suit to go off rapidly, sending William Afton to a slow and painful end.

One by one, the four animatronics approach him and drag their dying murderer into the darkness of the pizzeria to complete their revenge, with Golden Freddy finally disappearing into the afterlife.

The Twisted Ones

John, Jessica, and Clay Burke went to see Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy to save Charlie from William Afton who is now referred as Springtrap, Twisted Freddy, Twisted Wolf and Twisted Bonnie when John saw pupils inside of Golden Freddy John knew that Golden Freddy was still possessed by their old friend Michael Brooks and the children that were murdered by William Afton and when John said the name William Afton, Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, and Withered Foxy started to get up and followed them but when Withered Foxy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, and Withered Freddy came to help Charlie and her friends and Clay Burke, Golden Freddy didn’t came


  • Golden Freddy is a springlock suit, like Springtrap, in the sense of the ability to be both an animatronic and a wearable suit, given that William used the Golden Freddy suit to lure the five children to the back and kill them, the endoskeleton is visible in the images of Golden Freddy, shares the yellow color, and in one of the minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Golden Freddy is shown entertaining children on a stage alongside Springtrap.
  • Many theories say Golden Freddy was originally brown, but being in the dark, never being used or the lighting turned him yellow, but in the third game, this theory was confirmed to be false, because in the "Stage01" minigame, Golden Freddy still retains his color.
  • His scream in the main series is the same scream that the four main animatronics used, simply slowed down, supporting another theory that The Puppet stuffed deceased children in the animatronic suits (as seen in the "Give Gifts, Give Life" minigame) with the fifth child possessing Golden Freddy. This theory is confirmed in the third game, most evidently in "Happiest Day".
  • Before the third game, Golden Freddy was believed to be the suit the Murderer wore to kill the children However some evidence points towards another suit but the theory is still popular.
  • Although his full name is Michael Brooks in The Silver Eyes, the events of the novel, while considered canon by the creator, is an alternate continuity to the game series.
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