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A Withered Counterpart of the Classic Chica is a newly introduced character hinted by the newly released Survival Logbook being withered.


She is a yellow chicken, with kind of a burnt texture. Her right arms and legs are deteriorated, as well as the bottom half of her torso. She also seems to have the structure of the the classic Chica the Chicken. Her eyes are also either closed or just missing, though it is difficult to tell, her top part of her beak is missing.

As said earlier, she is also sitting on what looks like a stool, or what could possibly be the chair from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 on the "Fun With Plushtrap" Minigame


  1. She Sits Like Plushtrap As The "Fun With Plushtrap" Minigame in FNAF 4
  2. The Lights of This Looked Like That She's on Salvage
  3. The Text on Her Bib Isn't Fully Seen as The Head Hides A Part Of Her Bib
  4. She Has The FNAF 1 Suit Of Chica And The FNAF 2 Endoskeleton
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