Theodore the Rabbit, Stanley the Unicorn, and Ella the Doll are three small toy-like animatronics made by Henry for Charlie, when she was a little kid. Eventually when she got older she left them in her closet, collecting dust, and Theodore as parts for other machines and projects.


Theodore the Rabbit

This purple rabbit was the first of Charlie's father's gift and the simplest of his creations. It could wave its hand, tilt its head, and repeat s recording of Henry saying, "I Love You, Charlie." Theodore was made to give 3 year old Charlie a friend in her dark, lonely house. After deteriorating for years in Charlie's abandoned house, Theodore can no longer wave, and most of her father's recording has degraded.

Stanley the Unicorn

Bobbing its head like a racehorse the white unicorn gallops on a track around Charlie's room at the touch of a button. Though he can still move, Stanley has rusted considerably after years of disuse.

Ella the Doll

Ella was built to match Charlie's size as a small child. When the wheel at the feet of Charlie's bed is turned, Ella exits her mini-closet, holding up a cup for a tea party. Since Ella spent her years of neglect inside of the closet, she is the most intact of the animatronics, with her fancy dress almost as crisp as the day Charlie left Hurricane.



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