In the end, she saw the rusty metal and flash of the staring eye. The creature had no fur, and its mouth was smooth - it had a short muzzle and round ears protruding on both sides of the head.Through the center of its mouth a long, straight crack ran, revealing cables and a metal skeleton. There was a thick plastic material attached to the jaws...Nevertheless, Charlie felt she was recognizing them. Foxy "

Twisted Foxy the Pirate is one of the secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones. He is an alternative counterpart to Foxy the Pirate and is one of the tiwsted animatronics created by William Afton.


Twisted Foxy's hand is covered by the animatronic suit. The right hand is replaced with a sharp mutations hook, like his original counterpart. He has two sets of razor-sharp teeth.

Unlike his nightmare counterpart, the half of his muzzle is completely intact. He sports with a square-shaped black nose. The upper part of his eye-sockets is wide. The material above his metallic, orange eyes has completely rotted away. There's a large rip on the top right side of his face. Large portions of his ears are absent as well.

The Twisted Ones

Created by Charlotte's sensory overload, he is a Hallucination/Animatronic version of Foxy. He is found in he was buried in the ground with others during the day (in this case, burying around Charlie's house was his last) and "activated" the hibernation phase.

Charlie and John began to investigate the creature, Charlie twisted his head (Foxy) aside, despite leaning against him joints, she concluded that the left part of the head is broken, broken guts, and half the cables torn out, the arm and elbow are not known whose hands were removed. After talking about the aforementioned two teenagers about the foxy creature burying he activated and began waving his paws, and his skin took on the glow, all the elements of the original Twisted Foxy were released and gained liquidity movements. Foxy caught Charlie and lifted her up and pulled her to him despite hitting the damaged frame with its opening springlock. John was stuck, Charlie could not face the robot's strength, then John grabbed Foxy's head trying to turn it to the side where the robot fell into uncontrollable convulsions and released the grip.

Charlie broke free, but Foxy again he caught her and he drew her closer to her, that Charlie already had her hand in his chest but he jerked her and let go. It turned out that John he deprived the head of the animator and then kicked her away, but she still looked like she was alive. Charlie rummaged around with her head, and then at the body of the robot and he pulled out a small device that made a loud sound, and after switching it off Foxy again took a metal form and fell to the ground without life.


  • He most likely resembles his nightmare counterpart. But a few differences are shown, such as the hook, spores, eyes, and teeth (along with the gums).
  • Twisted Foxy is very similar to Hades Crawler, a boss in the game Legacy of Flan, which was also created by Scott Cawthon.


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