"A huge metal muzzle appeared from under the ground." Charlie did not say anything, she was still busy choosing the ground around two round ears on the sides of the creature's head. -Charlie. Is this ... Freddy?. "
— "The Twisted Ones "(page 150)

Twisted Freddy Fazbear is one of secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones. He is an alternative counterpart to Freddy Fazbear and one of the twisted animatronics created by William Afton.


He is clearly based on Nightmare Freddy being some sort of demonic version of the already demonic looking Freddy. He has a black hat and like the original Nightmare Freddy, he has a bow tie. Just like the other twisted animatronics, he is extremely damaged.

Like Nightmare Fredbear, he has a second mouth located on his chest. The button on his chest appears to be its nose. Like Nightmare Chica, he appears to have two set of sharp teeth with gums and his fingers end with sharp claws. He appears to have some sort of mutations on his left arm and ear.

The Twisted Ones

Twisted Freddy, along with the other Twisted animatronics, rise from four graves they were in. It was known as buried, but after a small ....... in the words about Charlie and John's feelings by Jessica and the evacuation of people from the village, after nightfall Freddy began to take the degenerate version, but the protagonists did not move and again the issues prolonged the situation before the attack.

When Charlie was about to go to sleep in a fake home in the middle of nowhere, she already knew that something was in it. Freddy had been at home for a long time, and with Charlie in mind, he went into the room, under the bed, and leaned his head out of him, then began to devour her, starting with his legs, despite Charlie's various defensive reflexes, the monster sucked her into his costume. A longer story is not needed because it only affects Charlie and has nothing interesting. Freddy buried himself around an unknown location and When the building was collapsing, Twisted Freddy used his springlocks to kill Charlie before both of them were buried underground.


  • He has seven sets of teeth. 3 in his mouth, and 4 in his stomach.
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