Twisted Wolf is the secondary antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones. He is one of the four Twisted Animatronic created by William Afton.


He appears to have Two sides. One is Animal-like. And the other is more Robotic and "glitchy".

Animal's side: Twisted Wolf's left side is similar to an anthropomorphic wolf, he is terrified-looking, sporting two rows of teeth, white fur on animals side of him, and long ears. Interestingly, he don't have any mutations on him, unlike Foxy, Bonnie, and Freddy.

Animatronic's side: He appears to be the least damaged of all the twisted animatronics. He is missing parts of his left side. He has a dark grey hue and a white front, his animatronic's half appears to be made of plastic. He has 4 fingers (including thumbs) on each hand with blades at end of each of them.

The Twisted Ones

Twisted Wolf appears at the end of Chapter 8. When Charlie and her friends was driving home, she sees Twisted Wolf spasmed alarmingly, doubling over,his chest split open, folding outward like a horrid metal mouth. He lurched again, and something fell from inside He, landing solidly on the ground. The wolf toppled forward beside it, shuddered, and went still.

“Oh no.” Clay arrived from behind Charlie, staring at the human body. Charlie remained motionless, captivated by the wolfish pinpoints of light that stared back at her. The wolf tucked his head down, suddenly flowing again with a silver mane. His folded long, silken ears, and slunk backward, disappearing into the woods. There was a rustling in the trees, and then he was gone.

No sooner had Jessica arrived than Clay was forcefully shoving the light into her hands. “Take it!” Clay knelt by the body doubled over in the grass and checked for a pulse. “She’s alive,” he said, but his voice was hard. He bent over her, looking for something else.

John tugging at Charlotte shoulder. “Charlie, come on, we have to get help!” John took off running and Charlie followed more slowly, unable to take her eyes off the woman who seemed to be dying on the ground. Clay’s voice faded into the darkness behind them.


  • He is the only Twisted animatronic not to be based on Characters from the games (Freddy, Bonnie, ETC.)
  • He is also different from the other Twisted Animatronics, He does not have a mutation like form nor he has real gums for teeth.

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